My Adventures in Living an Epic Life


This is my living ‘to do’ list (I hate the term bucket list) – where I will be striving for personal goals, finding adventure and helping others live the life of their dreams along the way!

Making fitness a part of my life woke me up. It was a gateway drug, if you will, that led to a whole new mindset, outlook on life, goals, dreams and passions, and started my journey of active living and fun adventures.  

When I quit my day job to follow my passion, my boss at the time wished me luck and gave me a journal with a cover quote that inspired this adventure and I’ll never forget it: 



Lean into the universe and trust that if you put desires out there and take actions to accomplish things, the universe will support you. If you really want it, ask yourself:


Why Not?

Why Not Me?

Why Not Right Now?


These are the things I hope to (no, I will) accomplish over the next few years- things can get added and the list might change as my goals and dreams change. This list isn’t just about my adventure. My passion (since the beginning) is to inspire and motivate others to change their lives and do cool stuff too! There is a growing community of passion pursuers and action takers out there, so let’s inspire and get inspired. 

Oh, and if I’m coming your way let me know- maybe you can join my adventure or we can check something off your list! 

Things To Do

Personal, work, learning, everything comfort zone-busting

Places to Go

travel, adventure, fun, and everything that scares & challenges me


What am I missing?

Would love your suggestions on things I should add, crazy stuff you would recommend or remote places to see-nothing is off limits! 

Always keep an open mind and don’t let fears stop you from doing something you think is impossible. I’ll leave you with this:

“If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.”