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How often do you scroll by a picture on Instagram and think, “I want to do that!”? I know I do pretty much every day. 

Last year someone I follow was in Africa for a few weeks volunteering, and I found myself saying ‘I want to do that!’ a lot.  

Unfortunately I have a bad habit of saying I’ll do things and never actually do them. But this year I am going to change that. So I’m saying ‘YES‘ instead of ‘maybe one day‘.  

There are very few things in my life I regret doing, but so many things I would regret if I didn’t do them. Life is short, and while spending a month in another country sounds like a long time, it’s really a small commitment for such a life changing experience.  




In a few weeks, I am going to live and volunteer in Ghana for a month with a charity called Thrive Africa. We will work on sustainable development projects serving children and their families by building school libraries and turning unused land into income generating farms. I will be living in rural Ghana and working five days a week  in the local community. Feeling excited does not even begin to describe the way I feel. Spending an entire month immersed in a different culture, with none of the conveniences of home, will be good for the soul. 



It would be easy to come up with a thousand reasons for why I shouldn’t go- It’s too expensive, I need to work, I can’t miss stuff at home, volunteering abroad is only for recent grads and on and on. But the reality is, anything is possible if you decide you want to do it. Work will be here when I get back and this trip only costs as much as a month living at home. Deciding to do anything that scares you is the hardest part. Once you’ve committed, doing it is easy. 

I am so excited to go on this journey and I want to share it with you! While wifi will be scarce, I will be documenting the entire trip and posting videos and photos on this blog and Instagram!


Thank you so much for your support, it means the world to me. I hope you take a chance in your own life and do something you have always thought about doing! Don’t save anything for later that you could do now. 


Lots of Love,