So you can’t be happy all the time, right? I mean, even the most cheery person has to have their moments. 

At least I do. 

I’m actually laughing as I write this because you won’t believe what I do when I want to improve my mood. It’s so simple and dorky and random but it’s hard to deny its’ efficacy. 

For those moments that you…

…Just feel down and low key. 

…Are bummed after an argument with your boyfriend.

…Can’t get out of bed because you have the flu.

…Take yourself too seriously.

…Are just really bored.

It really works with them all. Trust me, I’ve tried. And I’ve done this with those around me just to see if I’m the only crazy one. Nope, even the most stubborn of my friends who roll their eyes as I make them do it are smiling within 10 seconds. So without further delay, my trick to instantly improve your mood is to have a:


Funny Cat Video Break!

funny cat videos

Laugh if you must, roll your eyes at me, but then watch the video. If you don’t smile or giggle at least once during the video I will give you 5 minutes of your life back (Not really, but I won’t make you watch one ever again). 

There is actually some science behind my madness because researchers have proven that smiling (even when you don’t feel like it) alters your stress response in different situations. It’s like a signal to the rest of your body that things are okay and it can relax.  

Here’s one of my favorite compilations ever:

Remember, next time you are bored or feeling down, find a 2 min or 6 min or 60 min (yes that exists lol) compilation video and be silly. The world needs more silly people who don’t take themselves that seriously. Till next time…

(DISCLAIMER: A ridiculous amount of funny cat videos were watched in the making of this post to select the very best one but I’m not sorry about it)