courtney prather blogHello Again…..

Let’s start by stating the obvious: It’s been a while.

This is my first blog in over a year. I didn’t throw my computer off a cliff and quit in some dramatic fashion. No, I just quietly walked away and eventually forgot I even had a blog.

People keep asking on social media if I am ‘still doing the fitness stuff?’ and I am ready to answer that question and think it’s time to clear the cyber air.

As you get older, you begin to realize that everybody is just figuring stuff out as they go along. Even people who seem to have it together are just taking chances and hoping for the best.

That pretty much sums up my experience at least, despite public perception. A few years ago, I took a chance at quitting my career in hotels to pursue fitness and entrepreneurship and found success by most people’s standards. My blog had decent traffic, I was partnering with major brands in the industry, I made money selling products and services online and had an active social media following.

But it gets lonely (if I’m being honest). Even if 5,000 people see what you write or post online, you’re still spending most of your time alone at home or in a coffee shop with your face in your laptop. And for every blogger trying to make it, there are 100 ‘expert bloggers’ telling you how to have a successful blog and make a living. I became so focused on following the templates and strategies to be successful online that it became less about sharing what I loved and more about online marketing and sales.

One of the things I loved most about fitness was my time on set as a fitness model or trainer. So when the opportunity arose last year to work behind the cameras and produce commercials and print ads for a major fitness brand I took it.

I traded my pajamas and laptop for a busy career in production and had little time for anything else. So I went radio silence online.

Am I still into fitness? Absolutely. It’s a lifestyle for me and will always be a part of my life. But it’s not the only thing I love (and it never was).

I LOVE TRAVELING. Going to new places, having boundary pushing experiences and seeing how other people live and thrive is when I feel most alive. Saying I have a case of wanderlust would be an understatement.

I LOVE WRITING. Sharing my experiences and thoughts with the chance it might inspire someone, make them laugh or help them through a tough time is why I got into blogging and social media in the first place.

I LOVE COOKING (AND EATING). I never believed in diets and restrictive eating (nor is it necessary to get the body you want). And I’m not a chef or a food photographer. But I’m a human with a similar daily routine as any other person who likes experiment with simple, healthy recipes and eat local, organic food anywhere my travels take me. I like sharing those recipes (with my average looking photos) for you to try.

I LOVE ADVENTURE. Whether it’s surfing, camping or hiking on weekends at home in Los Angeles or trying new things in new countries I find myself in, getting out of my comfort zone has always been my obsession. Working out gave me abs, but it also turned my body into a mountain climbing, wave riding, trail running machine and that is way more important to me than my bodyfat %.

AND I LOVE CATS. Well, all animals. I would adopt them all if I could. All the animals.

So that’s me in a nutshell. I’m not just about fitness and it just never felt right trying to capitalize on the one thing people knew me for.

So I’m not going to try to put myself in the fitness box anymore, and hopefully people still like me (sarcasm). The truth is, I have no clue what I’m doing. And I’m finally OK with that. I always thought after college, you get a ‘real job’, get married, have a family and then cruise. You hit ‘autopilot’ and life becomes routine and your days are predictable.

But that’s not what happens at all. You go from being a 21-year-old figuring stuff out as you go along to a 29-year-old still figuring stuff out (albeit with slightly larger issues to address). So stop waiting for the perfect time to do something, because it will never come. You will never have everything figured out. Ever. Life is about just going for it anyway. There will never be a better time than right now.

So now that we cleared the air, I guess you can say I’m back. I promise to keep it real as always, and hope you will stick around for what’s next.

I’ll leave you with a quote:

“I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good.” – Roald Dahl

Here’s to the end of lukewarm.